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Delivery Cyclist
Full Time
15 applicants
posted over 8 years ago

Job Description

Delivery Cyclists

If you've ever ordered from Jimmy John's or heard our ads you know we strive to deliver sandwiches in 15 minutes or less from the time of order. That means tight delivery areas and the opportunity to make a lot of deliveries. Guess what that means? MORE TIPS!

Starting pay is $7.25/hr, but delivery cyclists can make up to $10-$20 an hour depending on the shift and tips. Flexible hours available.

Delivery cyclists are expected to provide their own bicycle and to be knowledgeable of the geography of our delivery market. Delivery cyclists will also be trained and prepared to work as an in-shopper when no deliveries are scheduled. Delivery cyclists earn great tips in addition to a full in-shop hourly wage.

Please note that Jimmy John's policy prohibits us from hiring anyone with visible tatoos on hands, neck or face. Also, any piercings that cannot be removed during work hours are not allowed.


- Must be at least 18 years old

- Must own a bicycle and helmet

- Must be hard working, reliable and willing to hustle

- Must be friendly and team-oriented with a positive attitude

- No visible tattoos that cannot be covered with pants and a T-shirt